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Cizgi Medical Dr. Grays Model Plum Color Nurse Scrubs Uniform

Dr. Grays Model Plum Color Nurse Jersey

The most preferred surgical team model by nurses and doctors, Dr. Grays Model Surgical Set, quality is sold. Only Plum color is sold on this page.

Dr. Greys Model Nurse Jersey Model is produced in 27 colors in total and these colors have XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes. The product has terikoton thin fabric. This fabric is more preferred in the summer months and has a breathable structure.

Dr. Different piping colors are preferred on the nape and slits of the Grays Model Nurse Jersey, and these colors are randomly sewn in harmonious colors according to the fabric. Since the patterns are wide, please do not forget to write your height and weight information.

Dr. General Features of Grays Model Nurse Jersey / Doctor Jersey

It is a set consisting of upper and lower parts.

The collar is V-shaped.

The sleeves of the upper part are not attached afterwards, but go down to the arms as a whole with the upper body. (Bat Arm)

There are 3 pockets at the top. Two of the pockets are on the skirt and one is on the left chest.

There are 3 pockets in the lower trousers. Two of the lower pockets are on the sides and one is on the left back.

The sides of the upper part of the surgical suit have slits and are of different colors.

The trousers are TIRED and RIPPED, so they can be adjusted as desired. The leg of the trousers is also CLASSIC cut. Thread color has different colors.

Dr. Fabric Features of Grays Model Nurse Jersey / Doctor Jersey

Dr. The fabric of the Grays Model Surgical Suit is obtained from a mixture of 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester. This mixture made the fabric light and breathable.

Having terikoton thin fabric, Dr. Grays Model Surgical Sets should be washed at maximum 40 degrees and ironed at maximum 150 degrees.

Dr. Grays Model Suits are a product that is sold under the category of nurse uniforms and appeals to all healthcare professionals. The foreign equivalent of this product is known as Scrubs.

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